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Member Spotlight: Michelle Paulus


Career Background:

I got my start in non-profits working as a museum educator in a variety of organizations throughout Iowa and New York. One day, while being told I couldn’t do an educational program I got so frustrated due to the lack of funding that I decided I would raise money and prevent that issues from happening to others. I focused the rest of my time in graduate school on fundraising and admin. Luckily, today I have been able to help program staff do what they do best through fundraising.

Current Position:

I joined Tacoma Art Museum about a year and a half ago after working at Harbor History Museum in Gig Harbor, Wa. At TAM I am primarily responsible for grant writing and corporate sponsorship. What I love most about my job is that each and every day is different because the needs for every company is different. I love the challenge of coming up with unique opportunities that are tailored to the interest of each company that are beneficial to both parties.

Fun Personal Points:

I moved to the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago to join my fiancé who is in the military. I absolutely love spending my free time rock climbing, hiking with my German Sheppard, and watching Game of Thrones cuddled up with my cat Khaleesi. A self proclaimed coffee and wine lover, I am always up for a meeting before or after work. (Hit me up!)

Why I joined AFP:

I joined AFP when I first moved to the area to meet fundraisers (and honestly meet contacts to get a job!).  AFP has provided a network of fundraisers who are eager to help or offer insight based upon their experiences. The programs are always interesting and high quality – I leave learning something new each month!